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‘Give Him 5’ prayer ministry aims to bring people closer to Christ

Angela Deeney

It was two years ago when Michelle Gelineau received a prompting from the Holy Spirit. Surrounded by 500 kids at St. Paul parish in Ham Lake for a vacation Bible school program, she felt called to lead them in a five-minute challenge of prayer that has since turned into a full-blown ministry.

“Give Him 5” is the name Gelineau has chosen to call this ministry in which she encourages people to pray for just five minutes a day.

The slogan? “Give him 5, He gave U everything.”

Gelineau said the idea sprang out of her time working with youth at St. Paul parish, where she encourages them to view Jesus as a friend.

It all began through prayer. Gelineau felt the Lord was asking her to tell the kids to “just give [Him] five minutes.” She then thought of the high-five symbol and remembered Jesus’ five wounds. She spoke to the kids about the importance of prayer and friendship with the Lord, but as the week of vacation Bible school came to a close, she felt there was more to this five-minute idea.

Responding to a quote by Sandra Bullock’s character in the movie “Gravity” who says, “I’ve never really prayed, no one ever taught me how,” Gelineau desires to teach people precisely that.

“It’s my passion,” she said.

Getting started

Within a month, through prayer and research, along with the help of her four daughters and a friend, Gelineau launched a website at, complete with a blog, prayer resources and other items to encourage others to rediscover an intimate relationship with God through prayer.

“I know that a personal relationship with Jesus changes everything,” Gelineau said, “and prayer is the key to having this relationship.” However, she realizes there are many obstacles to people being able to spend time in prayer.

People are so busy that they often don’t take the time to pray. Also, they may be unaware of how to pray.

“People are intimidated by prayer, [but] it doesn’t have to be any specific formula. . . . It can be different things, as long as you are focused on the Lord,” Gelineau said.

Gelineau suggests an acronym as a way to help people pray. She calls it FAITH, which stands for: Find a quiet place, Ask Jesus to be with you, tell him what’s Important to you, Thank him for your blessings, and ask for his Help in your life.

She also said that “Give him 5” is only the hook into a deeper prayer relationship with the Lord. “Begin with five minutes, come to know the Lord in a deeper way and you will desire more,” she said.

Bringing souls to Christ

Her hopes for the future are not only that people come to discover the Lord in prayer, but that it will start conversations, even in the workplace.

“I’m finding that people are talking about their faith more, even if it’s just by buying a coffee mug,” Gelineau said. (Coffee mugs and other items are for sale at

So far, parish Bible studies, youth groups and other vacation Bible school programs have used the Give Him 5 message. Apart from online and contacting Gelineau directly, interested individuals can also find Give Him 5 prayer resources at St. George Catholic Books and Gifts in Blaine and Greetings in Northtown Mall in Blaine.

Give Him 5 also has a Facebook group, which Gelineau encourages people to join for more information and updates.

At the beginning of this ministry, when her husband asked, “Are you hoping to make a million dollars?” She responded, “No, I’m hoping to bring a million souls to Christ.” And, through the simple message of praying for five minutes a day, Give Him 5 encourages people to meet Christ and be open to diving into a personal relationship with him.