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How is Catholicism a celebration?

txt-celebratelife-rcAs Catholics, the one thing we do more than anything else is celebrate. Everything the Church does is centered around a celebration.

We celebrate life. We celebrate the changing seasons with the richness of the Church’s calendar. We celebrate excellence by honoring as saints the heroes of our faith. We celebrate birth and eternal life with baptism and burial. We celebrate truth, beauty, and goodness by seeking them out wherever they are to be found and honoring them in our everyday lives. We celebrate Christmas and Easter. We celebrate pilgrimage–our common journey and our own individual journeys. We celebrate total dedication to the service of God’s people with Holy Orders. We celebrate education. We celebrate communion with God and community with the Mass. We celebrate unity by seeking to bridge the gap. We celebrate love with marriage. We celebrate…

The spirit of Catholicism is predominantly one of celebration, which is the genius and the fundamental orientation of our faith.

At this moment in history, both life and faith are being attacked with the full force of a culture racing toward self-destruction. These are direct attacks on the essence of the human person.

I believe the best way to defend life is to celebrate life. I believe the best way to celebrate life is to live our own lives to the fullest–to embrace life with arms wide open, to lay our lives enthusiastically at the service of humanity, to love deeply the people who cross our paths, and above all, to embrace our God. Life should never be wasted–not one moment–because life is precious.

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