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How can Confession lead to true freedom?

how-can-confession-lead-to-true-freedomIn my own personal journey, Confession has played a very powerful role, helping me to strive to become the-best-version-of-myself. I find Confession to be a humbling experience, but not a humiliating one. Above all, I find that it is an experience of liberation that enables me to reassess where I am in the journey, helps me to identify what is holding me back, and encourages me to continue along the way. The sacrament of Reconciliation is much more than just confessing our sins and asking for forgiveness (though that in itself can be tremendously powerful both spiritual and psychologically). Confession is an integral part of the genius of Catholicism, which seeks to nurture the whole person and transform the entire world into a place where all men and women can live in the peace and joy of God.

While any spiritual exercise can be helpful in our journey, I find regular Confession to be a particularly powerful tool.

Confession is the perfect spiritual practice to rekindle our passion for excellence in the spiritual life.

When I close my eyes in prayer, I see the-person-I-am and the-best-version-of-myself side by side, and I am challenged to change. This is what takes place in Confession. We prepare by asking ourselves some soul-searching questions in an examination of conscience. Those questions give birth to the dual version of the person we are at this moment and the person we are capable of becoming. We then bring our faults, failings, and flaws to God. Through this process we open ourselves up to God and the mysterious gift of grace. This grace often takes the form of a stronger desire to become a-better-version-of-ourselves.

I come to this sacrament to reconcile with myself, with God, and with the community. Confession is not just a cleansing experience; it is also a strengthening experience. Confession is an opportunity for you and God to work together to form a-better-version-of-yourself. It also increases our desire for holiness, and that is a desire we should fan with all our energy.

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