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The mission of Behold is that each woman will recognize the gift she is, realize the gifts she’s been given, and give to the world the gifts that only she can give.

Pope St. John Paul II had a great love and respect for women and it was he who coined the term “feminine genius.” In the Letter of Pope John Paul II to Women he directly addresses each and every woman. He writes of the feminine heart and invites women to reflect on their personal, cultural, social and ecclesial responsibility that comes from being women. He states the importance of women in the Church as well as the special roles that only they can fulfill in terms of the family, the Church and in the world. The Behold series was created to help encourage women to fulfill the special roles they have, and to do so with boldness, heroic virtue, and authentic femininity.


The inspiration for Behold was fostered through the GIVEN Catholic Women’s Leadership Forum. This forum was a week-long immersion in faith formation, leadership training and networking which took place at the Catholic University of America in Washington D.C. The theme of the week was:

  1. Recognize the Gift You Are
  2. Realize the Gifts You’ve Been Given
  3. Give the Gift Only You Can Give

Participants of the forum had the responsibility of coming up with an Action Plan where she would be encouraged to use her unique talents for the good of others. Behold is the fruit of such an Action Plan and the hope is that you too will recognize the gift that you are, realize the gifts you’ve been given, and give the gifts that only you can give.

Why The Church Needs You!

Archbishop Bernard Hebda of Saint Paul and Minneapolis made a “Call to Young Professionals.” In his wish-list for young adults, he urged them to:

  1. Zealously participate in parish life
  2. Keep growing in faith through prayer, study, and conversation
  3. Discern your vocation; and having discerned, live it wholeheartedly
  4. Serve others
  5. Joyful evangelization

The Behold series is intended to support you in answering this call.

Behold Speaker Team

Dr Savage Headshot_caption        Justina Kopp Headshot_caption
Sr. Eileen Leon Headshot_caption   Dia_Boyle2    

Dr. Deborah Savage: Program Director of the Master’s Degree in Pastoral Ministry and Professor of Philosophy at the Saint Paul Seminary School of Divinity. Director of the Siena Symposium for Women, Family, and Culture.

Gloria Purvis: Creator and Host of EWTN’s “Authentically Free,” which shows how society mistakes freedom with license.

Justina Kopp: Wife and mother to one in heaven and four little quads; setting the world on fire, Catherine of Siena style. Follow her blog at

Sister Eileen Leon: Sister Eileen Leon has been a member of Pro Ecclesia Sancta (For the Holy Church) since 2006, a religious order of priests, brothers and sisters founded in Peru in 1992. Their mission is to live and promote holiness in the Church.

Dia Boyle: Freelance speaker and writer. Graduate of the Pontifical Institute of Medieval Studies, Toronto, Ontario.

Bridget Busacker: Recent graduate with her Master of Arts in Health Communication and Health Educator with the Minnesota Department of Health in the Newborn Screening Program. Bridget & her husband, David, cultivate Beauty + Truth as storytellers over at

Learn more about Behold by watching the video below!

Behold from Proclaim on Vimeo.